61 Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs


Aside from the fact that it looks so gorgeous as body art, lotus flower also symbolizes a number of things. Red symbolizes love, passion, compassion, devotion, or other emotions of the heart. Pretty in a black

50 Unique Lotus Flowers Tattoo Ideas

But they will look pretty everywhere in your body. White lotus flowers are also called the Flower of the Buddhas. It gets more sacred when the tattoo design is matched with the lotus flower. Whether you want a colorful, black and white, small, detailed, or lotus flower mandala tattoo you will find inspiration below.

155+ Trendy Lotus Flower Tattoos That You Donít Want to Miss

Despite dire judgments from others, tattoos have remarkable designs that you can choose from. The Buddha sitting on top of the sacred flower speaks everything. Lotus flowers are always trendy! They look pretty sharp! Please enter your comment! Since the lotus flower is an aquatic plant, the blue color makes it more realistic. Western ó The Western culture has a similar meaning of this beautiful flower, and sees it as a representation of a new beginning. Beautiful Mermaid Tattoo Ideas. If you need a bigger tattoo for your thigh, this design is great.

Another arm tattoo design is leading on the list of lotus flower ink. Lotus flower with a wide outline Besides a wide number lotus flower tattoo color options regarding the preferred placement of lotus flower tattoos, there is an equally wide variety in the designs available too. Black lotus flower wrist tattoo This attractive and eye catching lotus flower designs are a hot favorite among tattoo lovers in the East as well as the West, and is featured in diverse sizes and colors, and on various parts of the body, giving an elegant look to the tattoo bearer. Mandala lotus flower tattoo color flower tattoos A swastika is a good symbol. Chinese tattoo art includes some inspirational characters along with the lotus, while Buddhists may have the image of the Buddha added to it, in order to represent enlightenment. She has a degree in Liberal Arts major in English Communication.

Are you a purple lover? Ideally, lotus design is suited for such people who want to depict new beginning, purity and devotion, as a part of their belief. They can go far if they are matched as a tattoo design.

155 Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

Chinese ó The Chinese culture associates the lotus flower with pure feminine beauty. If you want a more defined lotus flower tattoo, this design is just right. Also, the blue lotus shown partially open represents the constant learning in life. Lotus flower tattoos are not just pretty in black or multicolors, but they look lovely in grey too.

Color Photo Realism Lotus Flower Tattoo by London Reese

I hope you enjoyed all the pretty lotus lotus flower tattoo color tattoos. The lotus flower also represents Buddhism. Sharp black lotus Lotus flowers with different colors, like white, blue, purple, pink and red, all have unique and specific meanings.


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