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The 'Pearl' is excellent for the middle of a sunny, well-drained border, greenery for flower arrangements when planted as a large drift. Greens are the way to go. Olive leaves create lovely bunches by themselves or paired with other small bunches such as 'Baby Blue' eucalyptus.

Type of Foliage for Flower Arranging : Flower Arrangements

This wonderfully intriguing annual makes a great companion plant for showier flowers in the garden or the vase, the blooms of chartreuse green bring out the colours of other flowers, especially bright ones. The Seattle flower shop creates dynamic arrangements with unique greens from local growers. Easily grown from seed, it is a particularly unique dried or cut flower.

Foliage & Fillers

Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. The plants grow to a height of around 60 to 70cm tall and the graceful large flower heads grow to around 8cm across. Wildflower of Britain and Ireland. Prized for its beautiful silvery foliage, the fine grey-white stems of Artemisia ludoviciana bear silvery-white leaves that are fragrant, fuzzy and soft. For a monochromatic look, pair different varieties such as the larger 'Cirrus' with dainty 'Silver Lace'. In late summer, panicles of rosy flowers appear just above the foliage. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The sprays of airy delicate flowers, eventually changing to bronze add texture and colour to the winter garden and deliver a knock-out punch to cut-flower arrangements. Amaranthus caudatus viridis is the green form of the popular drooping amaranthus. The Australian foliage was one of the first fillers to become en vogue and remains in high demand for centerpieces.

It adds colour and texture to both summer and autumn displays. Make a Hand-Tied Bouquet. This finely textured greenery for flower arrangements adds a different element to the garden, the texture and leaf form setting them apart from those other garden plants with rather less refined foliage. Bupleurum rotundifolium greenery for flower arrangements Hares ear. After the poppy flowers bloom and the petals fall away, the poppy pods appear in a range of silvery blues and greens. Calamagrostis brachytricha is a beautiful ornamental grass that is well suited to perennial herbaceous borders and naturalistic planting schemes. They gradually take on golden shades as summer progresses and become almost animated when touched by a gentle summer breeze. How To Make and Decorate Decorating.

And the deep blue flowers retain color even when dried and preserved. The lime green flowers, which slowly fade to cream as they age, form dramatic tassel-like panicles which can grow to 60cm long and seem to drip from the branches in profusion throughout summer and early autumn. Cyperus alternifolius is a very popular both as a house plant and pond plant.

Greenery for Weddings + Green Wedding Flower Names

The plants grow to a height of around 60 to 70cm tall and the graceful large flower heads grow to around 8cm across. Delicate, lacy, flat-topped clusters in shades of old rose-pink, through burgundy to chocolate, and bloom for most of the summer from just one planting. Our native Queen Anne's Lace is at home in informal settings and a natural addition to a wildflower meadow.

A fresh perspective on greenery in flower arranging!

Don't Say Filler Traditionally, greenery has had a supporting role in bouquets. Briza media 'The Quaking Grass' has graceful, pendant, large quaking seed heads which erupt over the foliage in summer. Now, you can add that woodsy and outdoorsy feel to your venue just by incorporating wholesale flowers and greens from Blooms by the Box. Gone are the days when only roses greenery for flower arrangements other classic flowers were used for special occasions.


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