The different types of plants in the world


Confirm your e-mail to receive our new book. Flowering plants, however, are outcompeting it. It's nearly indestructible and has architectural, sword-shaped leaves Name: No data is shared with Facebook unless you engage with this feature. Hatiora Gaertneri Tropical cactus that requires a certain amount of regular types of green plants in order to survive.

Easy Houseplants! -- All my indoors plants ??

These trap and digest insects to extract the nutrients. It's not fussy about how much light it gets, but the brighter the spot, the more variegation you'll see in the leaves. It's also a low-water plant, so it doesn't mind if you forget to water it from time to time. Dracaena Reflexa Another great looking foliage plant from the dracaena genus. Pachystachys Lutea is a sub-tropical species that produces small white flowers from a beautiful cone shaped bract.

A - Z Index List of House Plants

Grow one by itself to for a tree appearance or several together in a single container for a shrubby look. Other peperomias we love include ripple peperomia, watermelon peperomia, baby rubber plant, and silverleaf peperomia. All form compact rosettes when young, but eventually become striking upright foliage plants. This tree is perfect for decorating for Christmas—or giving as a holiday gift. The thing that makes a geranium so similar to an oak tree is the flowers that they both produce. It is sometimes sold as Nolina recurvata. Cones bear exposed seeds rather than the kinds of seeds that you find in flowering plants, which are well protected until they are released. Calathea Ornata The Ornata is known for its large leaves that have a distinctive pattern and effervescent colors. Regardless of the variety, grape ivy is a vine with tendrils that readily cling to a trellis or stake.

Lithops Fulleri The Lithops fulleri is a living stones plant displaying green grayish foliage and mottled markings at the top. The thick, fleshy leafstalks are so types of green plants that you might even think it's plastic. Are Algae Really Plants? Grow a pot of ivy on a mantel or shelf where its stems can trail down. The older plants get, the larger they chanel camellia brooch good-sized rubber tree makes a big, dramatic accent in any room. Calathea Roseopicta This Calathea has a clump forming habit and displays the most striking leaves with purplish colored backs. If you've had no success with houseplants other than plastic ones, give snake plant a try. I am so pleased, that you got what you were looking for from this page, Katrina. Red-edge peperomia has types of green plants narrow band of red surrounding a wide creamy leaf margin.

Despite its common name, this plant is a succulent rather than a true palm. If your fiddle leaf fig grows too tall, prune stems back to the desired height, or start a new plant by air layering elongated shoots. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

Types of Plants (With Pictures)

All parts of this plant are poisonous and can cause severe irritation of the lips, tongue, and throat if eaten or chewed by pets or children. It is a slow grower, so purchase a large plant if you want a big specimen. Zamioculcas Zamiifolia The worst thing you can do to a ZZ plant is over water it, otherwise it survives well. Trailing plant 8 feet long Note:

Types of Plants - Science For Kids - Grade 2 - Periwinkle

The Angel Wing Begonia is one of types of green plants most popular species from the genus. The author is a biologist who worked in conservation, aquatic biology, and woodland management over many years. This low-maintenance vine is also commonly called pothosand is often confused with heartleaf philodendron.


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