Ficus elastica (Rubber Plant / Rubber Tree)


Rubber plants love water when they're growing. Secure payment - our systems are protected with bank-grade security. Water Robin enough to rubber plant wet the compost but allow the top inch of compost to dry out between waterings.

Loving Your Rubber Plant - The Plant Doctor

You can reply on my email address. Don't over do the sun exposure though and watch out for wet cool Summers which can encourage disease and possible overwatering. If you're watering more than once a week the outhouseplants. Yes Rubber Plants do get big don't they! Many such hybrids exist, often with variegated leaves.

Rubber Plant: Growing Tips for this Easy Care Indoor Tree

Customer service opening hours: Wikimedia Commons has media related to Ficus elastica. If the sap is oozing wait until it stops usually within 30 minutes and then wash it off gently. Monday to Sunday excluding bank holidays 9am until 6pm. Find the central stem and then cut where you're happy for the new top to be. You can mist the leaves from time to time when the air is very dry, but really you don't need to worry about humidity levels. You may find this plant labeled as a Rubber Tree or Rubber Fig. Ficus elastica , the rubber fig , rubber bush , rubber tree , rubber plant , or Indian rubber bush , Indian rubber tree , is a species of plant in the fig genus, native to eastern parts of South Asia and southeast Asia.

As with usual feeding rulesdon't fertilise in Winter, or recently rubber plant and new plants for a good 3 to 6 months. Your plants won't get lost in the post. Here's our guide on how to best water your plants. Rubber plant Plant A to Z Plant accessories. Little and often is best, a weak feed every couple of watering's during Spring and Summer. This results in a more bushy and branched plant. The width of the plant is controlled rubber plant your choice of whether to prune or not. If you've any Comments or Suggestions we'd love to hear from you. The wound, which leaves the latex of the plant rubber plant, is coated with cuttings hormones and tightly wrapped with moist foam. Ficus elasticathe rubber figrubber bushrubber treerubber plantor Indian rubber bushIndian rubber treeis a species of plant in rubber plant fig genus, native to eastern parts of South Asia and southeast Asia.

Ficus elastica near the roadside in Savusavu, Fiji, showing the effects of constant pruning on the growth form. Water them really well once the soil has dried out quite a bit, then wait until it dries out again.

Rubber plant

This page was last edited on 14 October , at Bailey Ficus karet Miq. They might look like pests, or a disease, but they are actually perfectly normal and need no treatment or special care.

Can You Help A Leggy Rubber Plant Brach Out?

In the summer I water mine thoroughly even 7 days. You basically want a happy medium with this plant not bone dry but not soggy wet. Rubber plant want to apply these sparingly indoors; easy does it. These plants grow quite big even if their pots rubber plant tiny.


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