29 Most Beautiful Houseplants You Never Knew About


Like the English ivy, they are particularly good at absorbing xylene. African Mask Plant with its dark green nice house plants and silvery-white veins can be nice house plants mistaken for an artificial plant. Sedum morganianum is a wonderfully unique flowering succulent that lends itself to unique planters like the ones featured above. It is absolutely easy to grow like Chinese evergreen and tolerates low light conditions and drought. Strelitzia nicolai, or the giant white bird of paradise, grows up to 20 feet tall in ideal conditions and certainly tall enough to make an impression in any interior or atrium.

Houseplant tour! All of my Houseplants and How to Keep Them Alive!

Pictured are Tillandsia oaxacana, one of the most common and easy to care for species of Tillandsia. Fiddle leaf is a tall, appealing houseplant with glossy, leathery foliage. It has a cool name: Just look at that amazing color! This lovely poinsettia relative is quite tolerant of neglect and thrives well as long as you place it in a bright spot and keep it in drier side.

10 Best Houseplants To De-Stress Your Home And Purify The Air

The snake plant, also known as mother-in-law's tongue or ribbon plant Sansevieria , is a succulent with thick, waxy leaves. Many varieties are available in astonishing color combinations and patterns. I absolutely love your indoor garden! Please enter your name here. This plant needs moderate watering and a bright position away from direct sunlight. Rabbit's ear a member of the kalanchoe family is a moderately fast grower about three new leaves every two months and has hairy leaves that help prevent against water loss due to evaporation. One interesting fact about this houseplant is that it folds up its leaves in the night or in the dark place. Cymbidium loves bright light or dappled sunlight. The mix of yellow, amber, and orange color linear markings on thick dark green foliage, croton looks stunning.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser nice house plants the next time I comment. This outdoorsy touch is a great way to boost mood, add color to your interior, and build up gardening skill. Dramatic, large leaves in many variegated forms makes dieffenbachia a popular indoor plant. Talking about living in a jungle! I am a plant killer, but now I know what I have been doing wrong! The bold and bodacious houseplant that is low maintenance too. Epipremnum aureum is an overwhelmingly popular houseplant for good reason. With a rich color palette, long lifespan and low care requirements, they are good for those nice house plants a busy lifestyle. Nice house plants some countries, including Japan and parts of Vietnam, the stalk is a popular ingredient in meals after careful preparation. Fiddle Leaf Fig care tips and propagation:

Some will do fine in low light. Must enlist the hubbys help to help build the window shelves…lol….

18 Most Beautiful Indoor Plants ( & 5 Easy Care Tips! )

Topics accessories apartment art asian bathroom beach house bedroom colorful contemporary courtyard decor dining eclectic floor plans grey hi-tech home office hotel house tour industrial japan kids room kitchen lighting living room loft Luxury minimalist modern office russia scandinavian small space studio taiwan tech-office thailand traditional ukraine usa villa wall decor white wood interior workspace. There are poisonous houseplants for dogs and cats. Keep it in a cool shady spot that receives a few hours of bright indirect light, water only when soil is dry. I think I need to fertilize!

Best Indoor Plants - 10 Popular Indoor Houseplants that Purify Air

Check out 6 additional great low-light houseplants here nice house plants my earlier article, they also purify indoor air! Rubber trees are good for cleaning the air and are one of the easiest plants to grow, as they thrive even in dim lighting and cooler climates. These need to be nice house plants, in shade or indirect sunlight.


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