3 Ways to Identify Your Succulents


Your email address will not be published. She also has an ebook just for identifying Sempervivums which you can get here. Succulents can be tricky to identify.


If it is in an arrangement, try to crop or zoom in so that only the plant in question is visible. Something to keep in mind, once you have been given the name of your plant do a quick search on Google images for that name. Listen to this blog post! You may also be able to get a cultivar name as well. When they are watered, they should be watered thoroughly.

How to Identify Your Succulent Plant

The better the picture , the more likely people will be able to identify the plant. I have not been able to figure out why this is happening. Prime destination for succulent lovers. They built small greenhouses in competition to see who could grow the most exotic species. Young plants can be harder to identify than well established plants, so realize you may not get a definite answer. Generally people on this forum respond pretty quickly and sometimes reply in just a few minutes. Leave a reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Using PlantSnap, identifying succulents is an easy step-by-step process:

Click here to get the ebook and learn which succulents you should be growing! Instead, post a couple pictures once a week or every couple of days. An example of a succulent with hard, rosette-shaped leaves. An example of how to identify succulents succulent that has leaves that are soft and rosette-like. I have not been able to figure out why this is happening. There are thousands of varieties of succulents and some look quite similar. Succulents can be tricky to identify. Succulent Winners for September October 3, how to identify succulents Comments.

One way to avoid a long identification process is to simply ask the plant seller which succulent plant is being purchased. Here are a couple groups you could request to join:. Some cultivars cross easily with others so when you have a nursery or garden that contains hundreds of species, overtime you will see mutations emerging.

How to Identify Succulents with an App

Previous article Next article. If you really want to get good at learning to identify succulents, there are a few key traits of each succulent that you should look for. Listen to this blog post!

Who's that succulent?

In general, the leaf shape of a succulent and the pattern it grows in is one of your best bets. Click here to get your succulent identified and learn more about growing healthy succulents! An how to identify succulents of a succulent with spike-like leaves.


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