Top 9 Beautiful Flowers That Look Like Roses


You can also ensure that the blooms will last a long time considering that there is more substance on the flowers. Known for its pincushion like appearance, this dainty little flower is perfect for window boxes or rose like flowers a ground covering for larger plants with shallow roots. A great rose like flowers for backdrops in a garden, it has large leaves and can grow up to 10 feet tall. Can grow to 3 feet tall. Focal Point in the Garden Roses are standouts in the garden.

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An old-fashioned annual that was a favorite of Victorian gardens. Smelling Like a Rose Heirloom roses and species roses are strongly scented with that unmistakably rose scent. These yellow flowers will attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Types of Flowers: Names & Pictures

Also known as monarda, bergamot and Oswego tea. Easy-to-grow flowers which do great in many different conditions. You want to be distinct from others so that when people would visit your place, they will see that what you are growing is different from what other people normally has yet as beautiful as roses are. Although these flowers are short lived, when they do bloom they are a stunning addition to any garden as they come in call colors of the rainbow. There are also white Ranculus available. Its tiny clusters of blooms are attractive at the edge of a bed or in pots with geraniums or other annuals. What does two pink roses and one white rose mean? This unique flower can be a challenge to grow, but once it blooms it becomes very easy to maintain. The Apple blossom is considered as the state flower of Michigan and Arkansas.

Also know as summer snapdragon, it is a fairly new plant that has only been around since the late s. Small blooms that come in shades of blue, pink, violet and white. A commonly grown plant, hostas are great to grow because of their love of shade and their variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. More of a bush than peonies and the leaves are more like rose leaves. Native to America, it produces a rose like flowers of colors that are perfect for attracting butterflies and honey bees. These double begonias are considered annual flowers. Comes in many colors with one to 5 flowers per stem. Rose like flowers range from varieties that skim the ground, to those towering 6 feet high. They are perfect for rock rose like flowers.

The leaves of this plant resemble a human liver, which is where it gets its name from. Perfect in hanging pots, they have interesting blooms with a combination of white, red, violet and blue colors.

Kinds of Plants Like Roses

Perfect for hanging baskets and window boxes, these purple and white blooms provide a cascading effect. Their colors are in shades of red, pink, peach and bi-color ombre. Species roses have five petals surrounding the center. Beautiful blue annuals known for their powder puff blooms.

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Named for its red colored sap that flows from the stem when cut, it was originally used rose like flowers war paint by Native Americans. This flower is easy to grow and often found in wedding bouquets. However, if there is one thing that double begonias lack is their ability for scent.


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