6 Flowers That Rabbits Donít Like To Eat


Notify me of new comments via email. I had one eat flowers rabbits wont eat yellowwood Cladrastis kentukea sapling down to the ground for two years in a row. Slugs and snails are not much of a problem, either.

Flowers Rabbits Wont Eat

Peonies are as rabbit-resistant as they are beautiful. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The flower spikes appear in cheery shades of blue, pink, and white.

Editors' Picks: Top Rabbit-Resistant Plants

Sun-loving lantana bears flower clusters that look like brightly-colored confetti. The plants form a dense carpet of flowers, and the blooms continue year-round in warm climates. One of the toughest plants in the garden, baptisia bears spikes of violet, blue, yellow, or white flowers in early summer. The long-lasting blooms are beautiful in the vase and in the garden. Full sun or partial shade and well-drained soil Height: I would love to have some foxes around here. Some gardeners say rabbits love to dine on their lantana, but others report that they avoid the plants because of the leaves' pungent aroma. In many climates, the plants are semi-evergreen.

Slugs and snails are not much of a problem, magnolia florists. In our flowers rabbits wont eat we suffer from rabbit overpopulation though the rabbits here may say the same thing about people. And chickens have an indirect presence in the form of boiled eggs. They do their worst damage to the tomatoes. One of the more ornamental herbs, lavender produces wonderfully fragrant foliage and flowers. We love veronica because it blooms all summer long. Gave up on growing woodland phlox, flowers rabbits wont eat decimated every single pink bloom! One of the most common plants in the shade garden, rabbit-resistant astilbe sends up feathery plumes of pink, white, and red in early summer. Full sun and well-drained soil.

They even appear in cities sometimes, get crazy and cause a lot of damage. Partial sun and moist, well-drained soil Height:

Rabbit-resistant plants

For a moment they hold the opened flower right up against their nose which always makes me laugh. But the yellowwood has prevailed and is now about 12 feet tall. Peonies are as rabbit-resistant as they are beautiful. Full to partial sun and well-drained soil Height:

Bunnies eat flower in my backyard

Last year the rabbits were eating the chives. What about six vegetables to eat with rabbit? In many climates, the plants are semi-evergreen. We have chipmunks and squirrels.


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