Growing Irises


You need to plant in at least an 8" pot, it doesn't need to be too deep. Archived from the original on List of Iris species. Since most iris have rhizomes, start by looking for a rhizome. Archived from the original PDF on

Planting Iris

Thank you for these great tips! Insecticidal Soap - Use It Properly. French King Clovis I , when he converted to Christianity, changed his symbol on his banner from three toads to irises the Virgin 's flower. Subscribe to this blog.

Iris Identification Which Type of Iris Do I Have?

However, soon after my father in law was born the family moved to Chelhalis and they took with them the Iris plants. Any thoughts on this. Iris rhizomes can be toxic. Bearded iris with white standard petals and purple falls petals. Irises need at least half a day of sun and well-drained soil. The Iris is one of the flowers listed as birth flower for February. Subsequent authors such as Lawrence and Rodionenko have generally called them subgenera , while essentially retaining Dykes' groupings, using six subgenera further divided into twelve sections. The term iris is both the name of the genus and a common name used for iris and iris-like plants. This page was last edited on 24 December , at Yellow flag iris grows from a fleshy rhizome and reaches 3 to 5 feet high.

Retrieved 20 October Rhizomes of the German Iris I. The most familiar irises are the tall at least 28 inches bearded irises Iris germanica. I'd not thpught about those weeds coming back! There is a good Facebook Group called Plant Identification. They still bloom and are deep purple and pure white with a bit of yellow in the center. Stars of the Fall Garden. Bearded Irises Grace your garden with the elegant blooms of bearded iris.

I live in southern Ontario, Canada, zone 5 and have been gardening a long time. The standards are three petals that are standing straight up.

Dutch Irises Learn about Dutch iris, a type of iris that grows from bulbs. Learn more about preparing soil for planting. Is it possible to grow irises in pots?

How To Draw Flowers - Iris Flower

The three sepalswhich are usually spreading or droop downwards, are referred to as "falls". Some iris will have the rhizome sitting at soil level or even above soil level, as in the picture below. Iris 'Katharine Hodginkin', a bulbous cultivar being a hybrid of I.


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