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Lily is not poisonous for humans. While it was a holy flower for the Assyrians, in Feng Shui, it stands for abundance. Add Comment Cancel reply. Lastly, the lily flower is the second most facts about lilies flower in the world first being the rose.

Facts about Lily of the Valley Plants

Lily is not poisonous for humans. It is actually widely used in traditional Asian medicine for the treatment of depression and certain types of toxicities. You may also like Special Days Valentines Day. Each color of the lily has certain meaning.

Facts About Lilies Flower

Lily is a flowering plant that belongs to the family Liliaceae. So, what we see is that the Lilies have held a deep meaning ever since time immortal. Because of their beauty, lilies are cultivated throughout the world. Nectar is produced at the base of each leaf. Lily is not poisonous for humans. Available in wide range of colors from white, yellow to pink and red, this flower hardly fails to attract attention. Lily can reproduce from the seed, bulbs and tissue cultures. Lilies are likewise an image of demise and in the past they have been sprinkled on the graves of kids. Tiger lilies are called so because these flowers are large, wide, have bright yellow color and spots on it.

Facts About the Lily Flower. Facts about lilies are some interesting facts:. Backyard Ideas for Kids. In Greece, lilies are an image of virtue and wealth. Lily is perennial plant which means that facts about lilies can survive more than two years in the wild. When talking about the meanings and symbolism associated with lilies, the white lily stands for purity or virginity, the tiger lily is known for wealth and majesty, the day lily symbolizes coquetry, whereas the lily of the valley is known for sweetness. Your website is very useful. Bulbs facts about lilies lily contain a lot of starch and they are used as root vegetables. Lily is perennial plant which means that it can survive more than two years in the wild.

Therefore, it is widely used in bouquets, for making centerpieces, as gifts, etc. Symbolism of the Lily. Antiquated legend says that where the blood tumbled from the cross, there sprung the blooms that then came to be regarded as the Easter Lily.

Lily Facts

The history of lilies is rich and goes once more to hundreds of years back. Facts About the Lily Flower. Lily is not poisonous for humans. Lily develops from a bulb that can be located near the surface of the ground or buried deep underground.

Facts about Tiger Lily Flowers

Size of a lily depends on the species. Even small amount of pollen can induce poisoning in cats. Bird of Paradise Plant Care. Tips for Growing Watermelons.


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