Dracaena fragrans – That’s How It Got Its Name


The branches you cut off can be easily rooted. I notice a new growth on our plant and wonder what it was a few weeks ago and tonight the smell was dracaena fragrans flower and could not figure it out. Thank you for this blog. It is approximately feet from my house and I can smell the intoxicating fragrance every evening.

Another new born flowers of Dracaena Fragrans ( Corn Plant ) 's blooming surprise

The species name refers to the fragrant flowers, while the English name derives from a perceived resemblance of the stem to a corn Zea mays stalk. How can I take a clipping from the plant to start another? The one and only time I've seen one flower and it's never flowered since. I find that it will only bud if the very top of the plant is shorter than the window or glass door it is in front of.

When a Corn Plant Blooms

The one and only time I've seen one flower and it's never flowered since. At inspection, I thought the girth and shape seemed like a bloom. The center of the plant — the growing tip — is no longer active after flowering. It will soon grow a new top. Retrieved 12 February Plant them on a well-drained soil. Leaving them dry for some time will result to brown foliage tips. Wikispecies has information related to Dracaena fragrans.

But then today, 5 days later for some unknown reason, the name just popped into my head…. As I write this I have a Dracaena fragrans massangeana planted outside in the ground and flowering. Will the Plant Die? It has been indoors and three feet from an eastern window in middle Georgia. One person even said that dracaena fragrans flower had to open the office doors to air out the place!!! I am excited to see and smell this fragrance few even know can exist. It is, in fact, nearly unkillable! Just cut off the top, say about 20 cm, remove a few rows of lower leaves to expose dracaena fragrans flower bare stem, then insert into a pot of moist potting soil. After 18 years a dracaena fragrans flower is blooming?

Pollination can only occur during blooming. Now I should of thought of that I do think they prefer more light than most people give them.

I was gifted my plant by a friend that had a bit too many in a cluster. Articles with 'species' microformats All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from December Commons category link from Wikidata. A couple of weeks after the initial flowers appear, the flower petals start to dry up and fall making a rather sticky mess.

Time-lapse Dracaena Fragrans blooming

They also make great indoor dracaena fragrans flower bearing green leaves and seasonal flowers. It took awhile for us to remember this plant bloomed. A few days ago I noticed an extremely strong, aromatic smell when I came home. You are commenting using your Facebook account.


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