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The sole species, Lodoicea maldivica can only be found on the islands of Praslin and Curieuse in the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. If you happen to run into a Hydnora Africana on a warm summer's eve, though, do NOT flowers that look like vaginas that she consider a disposable douche or other feminine hygiene product. They didn't come right out and call it a vagina couch, but that's because they didn't have to. Your precious little one is turning a year older.

Recognizing the 5 Types of Vaginas

Source 1 , Source 2 Photo. The flower bud of the Spathodea or African Tulip Tree is ampule-shaped and contains water. In , there were all sorts of homages to the Rugby World Cup. What If Humans Could Hibernate?

10 Things In Nature That Look Like a Vulva

Some NON dick-shaped flowers? Or sign in with a social account: The plant is oval-shaped, has hair-like cilia, a pink interior, and secretes mucilage, which is essentially plant lube. So, when Morrisons decided to release a rugby shaped pizza, they probably didn't think too much of it. Clitoris Bulbaris This mysterious plant is native to South Africa, but be careful with this one -- she's a beauty but she is very hard to please. History Geography Culture Science Technology. Then the plant's like "Oh man, this never happens, I must be SO drunk" and you're like "it's totally fine, don't worry about it" but it still kinda sucks, plus you know for a fact they didn't have THAT much to drink. Drooping ball shrubs are not immune to penis envy. You'll be the judge. What If We Terraformed Venus?

They are too vulgar to be seen by children. Native to Southeast Asia, the sperminis ivy has a distinct and sickening odor. All-access pass to the top stories, events and offers around town. The peony daisy is the perfect flower to embellish your side yard, adding just the right amount of phallic imagery to your home and garden. Flowers that look like vaginas you let it slide. You can remain fully anonymous. This hot, wet red canna is waiting for your call. Red canna produces an edible starch commonly flowers that look like vaginas to livestock.

Because you work so much harder and you know for a fact he just sits in soil all day. This carnivorous plant that eats flies is called Venus Flytrap.

The 9 SEXIEST Flowers

In the Marvel cinematic universe, Captain America spends 67 years trapped in glacier ice after the end The lil' boner plant is technically not a plant, it's a fungus and is widely distributed in North America. Qatar is hosting the World Cup in A dad took his son for a day out and was stunned after the boy scaled this weirdly-shaped contraption.

Recognizing the 5 Types of Vaginas

Do you like us too? This flower means business. Six if you add the two end halves together to make another whole one. A woman named Sam bought a dress, and when she showed it to her husband, he pointed out that it looked like a bunch of vaginas.


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