Burn Permits Required

Open residential pile burning (tree trimmings, property maintenance debris, etc.) will be allowed through October 31 but WILL REQUIRE THE FOLLOWING PERMITS:

If you live in an incorporated city in Summit County (Coalville, Echo, Francis, Henefer, Kamas, Oakley), you must fill out an on-line application through the Utah Division of Air Quality. Applications can be found at http://www.airquality.utah.gov/Compliance/OpenBurning/form/index.php  select your county and city and begin the process.

If you are not within a city limits, you must contact the Summit County Fire Warden to obtain a permit. The Fire Warden can be reached at 435-640-2075, permits will be issued Mondays through Thursdays, so plan ahead for the weekend.

In addition, you MUST notify Summit County Dispatch at 435-336-3600 prior to any burning.

If you live within the Park City Fire District limits, burning is not allowed at this time. Visit their website, www.pcfd.org/permits/ for more information on when burning is allowed.

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