Recreational Fire Pit Guidelines

For residents in areas of the county that allow recreational fire pits, there are a number of steps you can take to have a safe fire.Fire guy 3

  • Fire pits are “Permitted” when they are in an approved assembly.
  • Distance of 25 feet between the fi re pit and any structure and/or other combustible type materials.
  • Fire pits cannot have a diameter larger than three feet.
  • Fire pits cannot exceed two feet in height.
  • Each fire pit must have on-site a means to extinguish the fire:
  • Five gallon bucket of water,
  • Garden hose connected to a reliable water source, or
    • 5A:10B:C Fire extinguisher.
    • Nuisance complaints from neighbors will mandate extinguishment, no exceptions!
  • Fire pit must be constantly attended.
  • Owner/operator of the fire pit is liable and responsible for any fire damage and/or fire suppression cost to surrounding area resulting from the use of the fire pit.

Fire pits and open fires are not permitted in the Park City limits.

For a printable version of this information click here.

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