Fireworks Prohibited in Summit County

Due to the extremely dry conditions and potential fire hazards, fireworks are prohibited in Summit County.

These prohibited items include:

  • Firecracker, cannon cracker, salute, cherry bomb or other similar explosive.
  • Bottle rocket, skyrocket or any other device that that uses combustible or explosive material.
  • Roman candle or other device that discharges balls of fire.
  • Tube or cone aerial firework that propels comets, shells, salutes, flash shells, or similar devices.
  • Chaser, whistler or similar device.

Violations of this ordinance are deemed a class B misdemeanor and can result in fines and potential jail time.

Summit County ordinances allow for the cost recovery of any expenses associated with the extinguishing of a fire caused by the negligent use of fireworks, fires, and /or the improper extinguishment of cigarettes or other smoking materials.

For more information please call the Park City Fire District at 435-940-2532.

Click here for a downloadable flyer of the Fireworks ban.

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