Ponderosa Burn Continues

Fire personnel plan to continue to implement the Ponderosa Pine Restoration Project prescribed burn, 15 miles east of Kamas, Utah along the Mirror Lake Highway, Wednesday, October 29th-Friday, October 31st weather permitting. The plan is to burn approx. 450 acres of leaf litter, needle cast and the thick under-story of brush and juniper within the 6 remaining burn units (shown on map below) to preserve the genetic diversity of the Ponderosa Pine stands.


Prescribed Fire Along Mirror Lake Highway

Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest to Implement the Ponderosa Pine Restoration Project

Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest fire personnel plan to implement the Ponderosa Pine Restoration project, depending on weather conditions. The project will be implemented using prescribed fire. The prescribed fire may occur any time during October 11, 2014 through November 30, 2014 and target approximately 700 acres of ponderosa pine within a 3,900 project area. The ponderosa pine stands are divided into 10 burn units, which will be burned incrementally as conditions allow.

The exclusion of naturally occurring fire has changed the composition of the ponderosa pine groves to include a thick understory of juniper, mountain brush and lodgepole pine. The Ponderosa Restoration project is located in Summit County, approximately 10 miles east of Kamas, Utah. The project area encompasses 3,900 acres along the upper Provo River on the north side of the Mirror Lake Highway from Co-op Creek, on the west, to Rock Creek and Soapstone campground to the East, (see map below). This is one of the few native ponderosa pine stands on the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest.

The primary objectives of this project are to preserve the genetic diversity of ponderosa pine by reducing the thick understory of juniper, mountain brush, and lodgepole pine; reduce wildfire risk along the highway corridor; improve watershed condition; restore wildlife habitat; and improve scenic quality.

Smoke may temporarily impact visibility on the Mirror Lake Highway (SR150) and may drift towards populated areas. Firefighters will use only hand held drip torches to treat the area and will patrol and monitor the burn until weather conditions eliminate the need or the fire is declared out.


Burn Permits Required

Open residential pile burning (tree trimmings, property maintenance debris, etc.) will be allowed through October 31 but WILL REQUIRE THE FOLLOWING PERMITS:

If you live in an incorporated city in Summit County (Coalville, Echo, Francis, Henefer, Kamas, Oakley), you must fill out an on-line application through the Utah Division of Air Quality. Applications can be found at http://www.airquality.utah.gov/Compliance/OpenBurning/form/index.php  select your county and city and begin the process.

If you are not within a city limits, you must contact the Summit County Fire Warden to obtain a permit. The Fire Warden can be reached at 435-640-2075, permits will be issued Mondays through Thursdays, so plan ahead for the weekend.

In addition, you MUST notify Summit County Dispatch at 435-336-3600 prior to any burning.

If you live within the Park City Fire District limits, burning is not allowed at this time. Visit their website, www.pcfd.org/permits/ for more information on when burning is allowed.